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Walking tour Naples


Choosing Walking tour in Naples, you will get a special experience because we get into the heart of Naples, which contains the super concentrate of history. You will see old churches, monastries, cloisters and convents that go from Gothic to Baroque.
Starting our tour from the famous Bellini square we will see remainings of defensive walls still of Neapolis Greek foundation,



After Vatican Museums ancient city of Pompeii is the second place for the tourist traffic, because is a unique city in the history of mankind, there is no other place like this in the world, you can feel yourself like an ancient Romans, “revive” all areas of their life - religion, politics, economics, culture, art, family, sex, school, sports etc. So, self-respecting tourist, who decided to



All tourists know about the city of Pompeii, but Herculaneum is not less interesting, I would not put it on the second place, it even has its own characteristics, which are not found in Pompeii. Herculaneum is much closer to Vesuvius than Pompeii, the city is literally at its feet. Therefore, pyroclastic flow, which consists of volcanic mud (here was not a rain of pumice stones like in

Magical cities of Pozzuoli, Cumae and Phlegrean fields


These places are not so crowded with tourists as nearest neighbor Pompeii, and simply can not be described how many stories, legends, secrets, myths are connected with them, so you will discover something completely new. The Phlegrean fields (from the Greek phlegraios, "burning") - is a huge volcanic area, situated to the west of the Bay of Naples, from the hill

Amalfi coast tour, Amalfi, Ravello, Positano


Amalfi Coast has attracted for a long time the colonists and conquerors, explorers and members of the elite from around the world. Many famous people from royal families to writers, poets, musicians and artists, found peace and inspiration here. Amazing natural ensemble impresses the imagination! Deep gorges and aspiring upward majestic cliffs, picturesque bays and...

Island Capri day trip


Capri - it's a special place. People, who heard about this island, dream to visit it. Many of the world elite people choose Capri for their vacation. Here there is a big choice of Capri Luxury Hotels. Lack of rains made the island a very popular among sufferers of lung disease. The Monte Solaro or mountain Solaro (Anacapri) is a place to visit, is the highest point of Capri,...

Volcano Vesuvius hike

Naples is located near the largest and unique active volcano in Europe - Vesuvius. It is as business card of Naples, creating it’s unique image. At present, the volcano is in a phase of sleep, and while he is sleeping, we can admire it. But in order to look inside the crater it will be necessary to work a little bit, the height of the volcano is 1280 meters, from the height of 1000 m,

Island Ischia tour


Ischia is the largest island of the Gulf of Naples, administratively divided into 6 cities: Ischia, Barano, Casamicciola, Forio, Lacco Ameno and Serrara Fontana. Mount Epomeo is the highest point of the island, 789 m. It is a volcanic island and it is known all over the world for its thermal springs, it is even called the Island of Health and the Island of Youth. It is also called...

Archeological museum of Naples


Italy is known throughout the world for its immense heritage of culture, art and archeology. The National Archaeological Museum of Naples is just paradise for lovers of archeology. After all, the history of ancient Greece in Europe begins precisely in these parts. Well, how this area was developed during the ancient Roman Empire is known to everyone. Plus, the eruption of

Royal palace of Caserta


This palace belonged to the royal Bourbon dynasty in Naples, is declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also called the Italian Versailles. The king specifically requested from Rome a talented architect, engineer Vanvitelli, who was busy with works for the Vatican. The construction and finishing work were carried out almost 100 years. The grand vestibule with a grand ...

National Gallery of Capodimonte palace


Capodimonte Art Gallery is one of the largest art museums in Italy, it is located in one of the royal palaces of the Bourbon dynasty, surrounded by a huge park. With its construction Charles Bourbon already planned to place here the richest collection that he inherited from his mother Farnese (an ancient family who has known fame and fortune when Alexander Farnese ....  

Charterhouse of St. Martin


The history of the monastery began about 700 years ago, in the Anjou Gothic period. It is located in the most picturesque place, the hill of Campanora (zone Vomero), near the castle of the fortress of Sant'Elmo, and dominates not only the Bay of Naples, but also the the inner part of the region. From a small and modest monastery in course of time it turned into the richest 

Food and wine tour


It's no problem to eat well in Italy. And in the region of Campania, even more, because there are dozens of products with special quality marks, which confirm that the origin of the goods is controlled and protected, recognized by European laws. Campania has sun, sea and mountains, hills and plains, rivers take their origin from pure mountain springs and lakes , the

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